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                Corporate Culture

                Corporate Culture


                Core Values:
                Respecting each other and being faithful to the ZTE Cause
                Serving with dedication and being committed to our customers
                Endeavoring with creativity to establish a famous ZTE brand
                Operating with scientific management to increase corporate performance

                Updated Corporate Culture (2016):
                Driven: Challenge yourself, be the best, and never be satisfied.
                Innovative: Work outside the box, refuse mediocrity, and never drift along.
                Pragmatic: Begin with the end in mind, work together with unity, and never shirk your responsibilities.
                Realistic: Be practical and rational, discipline yourself, and challenge poor decisions.


                Media Platforms: With a combination of online and offline platforms such as the Share website, ZTElite, MOA, ZTEnews on WeChat, ZTE Corporation newspaper, culture wall and digital screens, ZTE has created a comprehensive, timely and effective collection of media platforms to promote its corporate culture.

                ZTE Museum: Recalling ZTE's early years of hardships and struggles, sharing the legendary story of the company's overseas expansion, and reviewing ZTE's overall development from a small processing factory to a world famous communications enterprise.

                Employee Assistance Program: The main purpose of the Employee Assistance Program, more commonly referred to as EAP, is to protect the mental health of ZTE employees and improve their wellbeing. ZTE has four counseling rooms in China, in which ZTE's EAP professionals and other part-time counselors provide mental health education, psychological counseling, psychological training and psychological crisis intervention services for ZTE employees and their family members.More>>

                The Sports of ZTE: Since its launch in 2013, the Sports of ZTE has organized numerous team cohesion and physical fitness activities for all staff members. The Sports of ZTE operates under the mission: Love yourself, transfer positive energy, start with ZTE sports. More>>

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