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                Cloud Infrastructure

                Telecom Cloud Platform

                ZTE Cloud Platform provides virtualized management upon computing, storage, and network resources, builds a cloud environment for users rapidly, and provides policy-based IaaS service and application deployment functions in the heterogeneous cloud environment of multiple data centers. Based on OpenStack, ZTE Cloud Platform creates a cloud environment with characteristics of centralized, high-performance, reliable, secure, open and compatible by adopting technologies such as NFV, CEPH, and SDN. The product portfolio consists of following products.
                1.TECS (Tulip Elastic Cloud System) Cloud OS (Operating System) provides virtualization and management upon general hardware. Based on OpenStack, TECS is widely compatible with 3rd party hardware and software; besides, variety of enhancement has been made to ensure system reliability > 99.999% and industry-leading performance.
                2.TECS Director is a cloud management platform for software defined data centers, to realize the policy based IaaS service (VDC, Virtual Data Center) and application deployment for multiple DCs (Data Centers) in the heterogeneous cloud environments. The product provides unified management of global network resource and one-stop solution of private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud.
                3.TECS CloveStorage adopts CEPH as distributed storage engine to fuse the storage resources from different servers into one logical resource pool to provide industry standard object storage, file storage and block storage interfaces for the upper layer services.
                4.ZENIC SDN controller and TECS collaborate to achieve inner-DC network virtualization and inter-DC L3/L2 interconnection, providing global automatic deployment, dynamic resource adjustment and flexible router selecting.

                Download:ZTE Cloud DC White Paper.pdf

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