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                Fixed Network

                Smart Home

                In 2014, ZTE launched the first-generation ZTE smart IP camera, achieving the first milestone in its smart home endeavors. Since then, ZTE has quickly gained a firm foothold in the smart home market through developing best-of-breed products and completed its product setup by cooperating with industry partners to incubate more offerings. Going forward, ZTE will continue working with telecom operators, real estate developers, security service companies and property management enterprises to deepen implementation and build a smart home ecosystem that better serves customers. In China, ZTE smart home products have already racked up one million users.

                In 2016, ZTE hosted an event in Beijing themed "Smart Life, Smart Future", during which ZTE launched its overall strategy for the smart home. The strategy comprises the three components of "Products, Openness and Integration", making it part of ZTE’s vision and mission to become a first-rate smart home solution integrator, a leading smart home service provider and build the most extensive smart home ecosystem. As a pioneer of the smart home industry, ZTE invests substantial resources in the research and development of new technologies, products and use cases to enhance its innovation capability. Through sharing its advantageous resources in technology, products, branding, channels and other areas, ZTE actively promotes the deployment and use of smart home products and services. A relentless pursuit of quality and a user-centric dedication well position ZTE to deliver a superior smart home experience to more households moving forward.

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