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                On Demond Network

                Elastic Transport Network

                To meet the requirements of booming services like Pre5G/5G, big video, telecom cloud and Internet of Things (IoT), ZTE based on its 20 years' experiences in building telecom transport networks, focuses on developing cutting-edge technologies such as 5G transport technologies, SDN and NFV, and has unveiled a series of end-to-end elastic solutions, including the E-OTN solution, 5G Flexhaul solution, IP+Optical solution and vDC solution. ZTE is committed to helping customers satisfy the demands of new services for low latency, high bandwidth and high reliability, cut down their operating expenses while protecting the existing network investments, and facilitate sustaining network evolution. 

                So far, ZTE transport network solutions have already been applied by massive world-leading operators including China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, Telenor, SingTel, Qutar Telecom and Vodafone, serving billions of broadband users around the world.


                ZTE E-OTN Solution

                An end-to-end optical transport network with ultra-broadband, elasticity and ecosystem

                IP+Optical Synergy Based vPIPE Solution

                Today, service cloudification urges for an urgent reform of the transport network architecture. ZTE unveils the SDN-based IP+Optical solution with highly efficient resource utilization rate, fast service deployment, extremely simple network O&M and reliable synergic protection to help operators write history in this new cloud era.

                Elastic SD-WAN Solution

                ZTE relies on its advanced technology and combines its product features to propose an Elastic SD-WAN solution for enterprise branch interconnection to save user network costs and increase the flexibility of the network.

                ZTE vDC Network Solution

                Efficient, intelligent, secure, and open. ZTE vDC Network solution leads the cloud era.

                Intelligent IP Backbone Network Solution

                Emerging services such as big video, VR/AR, IoT and smart driving require more intelligent and agile networks. New services start asking more from the backbone network in terms of bandwidth, O&M efficiency and network openness.

                Transport Network Automation Solution

                In the 5G network era, the next-generation transport network automation solution proposed on the basis of industry-leading technologies and IBN theories employs Cloud Native architecture to allow customers to enjoy more flexible, efficient, opened and qualified network O&M services.

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