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                Cloud & Core Network

                Cloud Management

                ZTE cloud management adopt a customer-centric business mode and introduce the DevOps agility process to accelerate new services innovation, the products optimize the operation process and make decisions based on the big data analysis and prediction capability.
                ZTE provides carriers with high-quality solutions in the aspects of fulfillment, assurance, and service capabilities, and help carriers to complete the transformation. This solution also includes the building agile operation process and digital services platforms, which bring the extreme experience of digital services to customers.


                Cloud Management Solution

                As one of the leading telecom solution providers in the world, ZTE attaches high importance to telecom operation transformation amid ICT convergence and virtualization, and actively participates in the development of standards and specifications and the research on open source technologies.


                SDN/NFV brings carriers the transformation chance, as well as challenges of SDN/NFV virtual network O&M:

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                Global - English China - 中文
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