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                I Want to Report

                I Want to Report

                1. The whisleblowing scope includes issue related to current or former employees of ZTE and partners including suppliers, channels, subcontractors and customers, that violates laws or regulations of the Company and cause loss or potential risk to the Company.


                2. To encourage real-name whistleblowing, the Company handles real-name whistleblowing with the highest priority, and awards the real-name whistleblower whose case meets specfic criteria up to one million RMB. Anyone who can identify himself/herself after whistleblowing can also be rewarded.

                Whistleblower Information

                "Name" and other whistleblower information will be kept strictly confidential. Sensitive information will be handled specially.
                Name *
                Organization *
                Phone number *
                Email *
                Other information *

                Information on Person Reported Against

                Person reported against *
                Department *
                Phone number *
                Title or position *


                Title *
                Main problem *

                Upload Attachment

                Note: Up to 5 files can be uploaded at the same time with the maximum size of a file being 2M. The attachments must be files with the suffix jpg,png,gif,bmp,tiff,doc,docx,xls,xlsx.
                Select a file
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                  I have read and agreed to the ZTE privacy policy

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